Reasons To Trust Arizona Handpiece

Express With Your Handpieces

Arizona Handpiece Express repairs virtually any type of

high-speed or low-speed dental handpiece. On high-speed handpieces, we can carefully remove the old bearings and replace them with brand new bearings that meet all manufacturer specifications. We will replace all O-rings and any components that are too worn for proper performance. If the turbine is beyond repair, we may recommend replacing it. Arizona Handpiece Express stocks new turbines for all major brands and provide full factory service for Star,  Midwest and Kavo.

Arizona Handpiece Express is a founding member of the National Dental Handpiece Repair Association, an organization of independent repair centers dedicated to ensuring quality standards for the industry. We subscribe to the NDHRA Code of Ethics and offer some of the longest handpiece repair warranties available. With our factory trained and certified technicians your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Servicing clients in the Greater Phoenix area and throughout the state of Arizona, Arizona Handpiece Express is available to provide all of your repair needs - fast!