Handpiece Operating Tips

    • Please check to ensure that your delivery unit air pressure is set to the manufacturers recommended pressure. Most handpiece drive air pressures should not exceed 35 PSI. The air pressure should be measured right at the handpiece connection to the tubing to get the most accurate reading possible. Increasing air pressure will not increase handpiece performance due to increased back pressure, but may damage the turbine.
    • Never tighten any manual chuck without a bur in place, or you may damage the chuck.
    • Never operate any handpiece without a bur securely in place.
    • Do not depress the push button of a handpiece during operation. This may open the chucking mechanism and release the bur.
    • Do not use the handpiece to retract the patient's cheek or other soft tissue. This could generate excessive heat if the end cap is depressed when turbine is running.
    • Before operating a handpiece and/or component, always carefully read and follow the manufacturer's instructions.